a word from the ceo

Safeway Security Guard Limited (SSGL) was established with the sole aim of fighting crime in Ghana and to also replicate this positivity on the world at large. Our services include surveillance, corporate security, man-guarding, and the newest feature SafeImage. The SafeImage feature was invented by the combined effort of SSGL’s SafeBody; this sets us a mile ahead of the race. Our motto is “Security with trust”.

At SSGL safety comes first and last. We believe our clients are in safe hands in the sense that they are not just protected but rather cared for by a professional. We also believe that to effect change externally; there is the need to look inwards. The best way to attend to all matters relating to security must be done by assessing: the beliefs of our clients, how they are structured, their tradition and their weaknesses. This affords us the needed information to judicially usher our clients into our SafeHouse. That is the Safeway.

Main office location

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